Bed bug extermination methods come in a variety of techniques. This article discusses several bed bug extermination techniques that you can put to use in your bed bug eradication efforts.

Do you have a bedbug infestation at home? Let me give you different methods of effective bedbug killers.

The extreme heat of the sun can be an effective bedbug killer. First, scrub and vacuum the surface of the infested mattress or furniture. Then expose it for hours under the heat of the sun. Vacuum and inspect the materials before bringing these back inside the house. Dispose of the vacuum bag in a plastic container. This way, if ever there are still live bedbugs or eggs left, these won’t be able to get out of the bag.

bed bug extermination columbus ohioInsecticides are also good bedbug killers. There’s a wide range of bedbug insecticides in the market today. If you are going to use an insecticide, read and follow the instructions properly.

Steam cleaning can also kill bedbugs. Before using this method, just make sure that the material to be treated will not be destroyed. Not all types of materials can withstand steam cleaning.

Diatomaceous soil also kills bedbugs. This type of soil contains fossils from single-celled algae. The particles have jagged edges which make the soil an effective bedbug killer. Just leave the soil for days in bedbug-infested areas. Vacuum it off after a few days. And again, properly dispose of the vacuum bag.

Have you heard of the bedbug mattress cover? You can buy this in vinyl or fabric. The mattress cover has zippers on all sides which enables you to seal the mattress inside it. Once the mattress is sealed inside the cover, bedbugs can no longer bite you. In at least 6 months, bedbugs will die because of starvation.

Have you chosen which method to use in killing the bedbugs at home? Just make sure that once you have identified the infested area, nothing should come out and get inside that room. You have to stop the bedbugs from spreading.

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If you purchase used furniture, examine it for bed bugs. Pay special attention to used mattresses and bed frames. Check your own bed for bedbugs from time to time. Catching them early will make bedbug treatment easier.

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