Bed bug insecticides are commonly used for spot treatments in cracks and crevices where bed bugs could be present. This article reviews the use of natural herbs as bed bug insecticides.


bed bug insecticide sprayHerbs are among the ancient medicinal attributes that our ancestors used in order to treat the common aliments.

Now with the time, herbs have come a long way as they have evolved to a great extent. And with the advent of the modern medicinal aura & advancement the herbs still continue to pave their way over & above the modern sciences.

There is a wide variety of the herbs that are commonly used to cure varied medical problems.

Chinese strongly advocate the medicinal plants & herbs. They are said to be using herbs for treating the various ailments ever since time immemorial.

bed bug insect killerHerbs serving as insecticides:

1. While there are innumerable used as insecticides, yet, there are no particular herbs that are distinguished as insecticides curtailing the proliferation of the bed bugs.

2. It must be noted that herbs are the principal source of the ingredients or the chemical extracts.

3. Then these herb extracts are converted in to the ingredients that are used as the modern day insecticides & pesticides.

4. Besides this, herbs play no role in pest control now-a-days.

5. Though there are surely many herbs that possess the properties & abilities that drive the bed bugs away.

6. This implies that there are no particular names that can be identified directly against the bed bugs.

7. There is a sure need to integrate the pesticides for this purpose.

bedbug insecticide sprayUnderstanding the links between pest control, herbs & bed bugs

1. In order to get rid of the pests such as bed bugs from the house we commonly make use of the chemicals like pesticides & insecticides.

2. Both of these are comprised of various herb extracts.

3. It is always advisable to seek for help from the professional pest control operators. In fact this is always a preferred way rather that risking to use the pesticides all by ourselves.

4. Inhaling the spray for human being or the spray coming in contact with the human skin is quite hazardous.

5. The herb extracts added to these chemicals are indeed very harsh & deadly.

6. The pest control experts know their job fairly well and they also advise you o how to handle your furniture and other things that might contain the residual form of the pesticides applied.

7. Take their words very seriously and never neglect their warnings else you might land up exterminating & poisoning yourself.

Types of the pesticides & insecticides

In the market these days usually 3 types of pesticides & insecticides that are comprised of the herb extracts. These sell big and are used to control & eradicate bed bugs from our house:

a. Contact Insecticides

i. Well, this substance has its own long list.
ii. Most of the bed bugs pesticides are formed of several contact insecticides.
iii. These elements kill the pesticide only when they come in contact with the bed bugs.
iv. These are applied to the surfaces or areas where bed bugs are found or may be found like the wooden furniture, cuts & crevices in the bed, etc.
v. These are made of pyrethoids, that are formulated synthetically and / or from the natural extracts of the chrysanthemum flowers.
vi. These substances emit a certain smell that knocks out the bed bugs instantly.
vii. However, these substances also some times fail as the bed bugs develop the repelling properties and / or characteristics that can be used against the substance.
viii. Therefore, using contact insecticides does not necessarily imply to killing the bed bugs.
ix. They only prevent the bed bugs to come near the surface where ever pesticide is applied.

b. Insect Growth Regulators (IGR)

i. Another common element in the long list of the pesticides used to eliminate bed bugs from the house, this pesticide doesn’t directly target the adults or the crawling bed bugs.
ii. This type of pesticide attacks the bed bugs on the basis of the principle that youngsters are rather more vulnerable.
iii. The IGRs affect & directly exterminate the eggs or the newly hatched bed bugs known as nymphs.
iv. The development of the eggs & young bed bugs gets hindered & stalled.
v. So no further generation of the bed bugs would then follow up next.
vi. The IGR application is a very slow process of eradicating bed bugs completely.
vii. Never the less they are quite effective.
viii. Undoubtedly one would have to wait and is sure to get good results.

c. Insecticidal Dusts

i. The insecticidal dusts are one that top the list as they can directly be applied and / or spayed to the bed bugs.
ii. This insecticide is comprised of and / or conveyed in to dusts that directly aims the crawling bed bugs.
iii. The insecticidal dusts are most potent as compared to all other pesticides on the list.
iv. This substance works as it ruins the outer waxy coats of the bed bugs and soon they dry out easily.
v. The pesticides generally are comprised of the fine granules of ground glass or silica powder in order to ensure efficiency.
vi. Another major fact about insecticidal dusts is that it is very harmful to the human beings as well.
vii. The insecticidal dusts are also applied to the crevices or cracks on the floor or the wall which are doubted to be infested with the bed bugs.

Author: Abhishek Agarwal

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You can use the same sticky traps you use for mice to catch bed bugs. Boric acid is a good and safe insecticide to spread around door frames. Don’t use chemical based insecticides on bedding or clothes because they may be toxic.

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Herbal Bed Bug Spray Insecticide This spray will act as a good deterrent. In higher concentrations, it might stain clothing and bedding, and could even cause headaches and nausea, so don’t increase the essential oil concentrations.

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