You wake up in the morning with little red bites on your arms and legs or see some little bugs crawling around on your mattress and you’re wondering what in the world are these? To help you find out if you have been infested with bed bugs we are providing these bed bug pictures you can use to see if it matches your problem pest.

So let’s go ahead and get started answering the question What Do Bed Bugs Look Like? that seems to have become more and more common lately…

First, let’s look at some images that represent the life cycle of the bed bug. Notice the different stages of development and how their features and characteristics develop over time. They start out as eggs and then develop into larva. The larva matures through different stages. You can see the relative change in size and their color as they continue to mature.


Here is a photo showing a closer look of a bed bug nymph.


As bedbugs grow into their adult stage they will grow large enough to see, usually about to the size of an apple seed. These are some photos from different angles giving you a good all around view of their body.


Once you have an active infestation you are going to start to see some activity which could include bed bug bites. Here are some bed bug bites pictures showing what a bed bug bite looks like. Notice the swollen, puffy red blotches with the bite in the center. You may not even feel yourself being bitten while you are sleeping, but they can be very uncomfortable and irritating later on.


Here is another picture showing a bedbug group actively feeding.


Here are some not so pleasant shots of a bedbug infestation and it’s aftermath.


If you think you have bedbugs hopefully these bed bug pictures will help you know for sure. If it turns out you do, do not delay in your attempt to get rid of bed bugs. You will find some very useful information on our site to get you started, as well as some information on some great products that have been proven and are guaranteed to kill bed bugs – CLICK HERE!.



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