This is an article I previously wrote about exterminating bedbugs. It covers some of the steps you can take to get some bed bug control.  

Exterminate bed bugs quickly and safely.

In order to properly know how to exterminate bed bugs, we need to know a bit about these insects.

The scientific name comes from a family of insects called "Chimicidae" (cimex lectularus). These insects live by hematrophagy… feeding on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded hosts.

Although they are considered to be a nocturnal insect, they have been known to feed at any time if the situation presented itself. The bed bug has done a good job of adapting to human environments. It can be found in most of the temperate climates around the world.

The adult bed bug tends to be a reddish brown in color with fine bands of hair that give them a striped appearance. Their size and shape could be compared to a small apple seed. These insects are slow movers and pretty easy to spot with the naked eye.

The common bed bug hides during the day and will travel 20 feet from their hiding place to feed at night. A bed bug can live up to one year and lay up to four eggs a day. Under the correct conditions it will take about four weeks for the eggs to hatch.

Exterminating bed bugs are of a concern because they have the potential to spread human diseases. Some research has shown that bed bugs have the ability to carry up to 28 human diseases.

Although the sighting of a bed bug might be rare you can, however, see evidence of their presence. While inspecting sheets look for small brown rusty colored spots. This is what is left of blood and fecal matter from the insect.

Exterminating bed bugs should be of a top priority.

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Bed bugs can cause a lot of illness and discomfort. The bed bug bite is one that is almost not felt right away. They have a numbing agent in their saliva and the bite may only be noticed as a red bump days later.

One of the safest ways to exterminate bed bugs is the use of heat or steam.




In order to do the best job possible, remove all washable bedding and clothing and wash in hot water. For articles such as throw pillows and articles that won’t fit in the washer, you should take these to the dry cleaners.

While all of the bedding and clothing is being cleaned, a hand-held steam cleaner can be used to go around the bed and any cracks or crevices the bugs may be hiding in. Steam cleaning the carpet at this time would also be a good idea to help exterminate bed bugs.


More Ways To Kill Bed Bugs

Home Remedies, Symptoms And Bed Bugs Removal

In order to get rid of bed bugs biting, the best idea would be beg bugs removal from your bedding and furniture, to get sooth the skin after biting we can use ice pack after washing affected area.

Methods to Get Rid of Bedbugs

Do you want to kill the bedbugs in your house? Did you know that you don’t have to hire an exterminator for that? Yes, you can get rid of the bedbugs. You can even choose among many ways in getting rid of bedbugs.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs in Your Bed

Bed bugs make an entry into our homes via suitcases, beds and bedspreads, wooden furniture etc. Once they have found their way, it is really tough to drive them out. How to get rid of bed bugs.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs in Your Bed

It is imperative that you act quickly when you come in contact with such pests or bugs in your bedroom. Bed bugs are a pesky bug that feeds off blood. They are difficult to get rid of, so if you have them you must take the proper steps.

Get rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a small wingless insect that feed upon the blood of animals including humans. These small, wingless pests infest homes, hotels, cruise ships and dormitories and make sleeping a major pain, literally.

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs The Green Way

So, you may be wondering how you can get those bed bugs out of here. Well, there are green options available that will help you out. In some cases you may need pesticides to do the trick, but trying the green options first is the best.


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