One Method For Killing BedBugs 

Bed bugs are pesky little creatures that can hitch hike their way into your home on the family dog, on your clothing or in your luggage after a trip. Bed bugs live in mattresses, sofas and other furniture, living on human blood and are able to live for up to a year without feeding.

Their normal routine is to come out at night and feed on human or animal hosts, then go back into hiding.

The mission to kill an infestation of bed bugs isn’t easy but it can be very effective. Once you notice a room like the bedroom that’s been infested with bed bugs, remove anything that’s washable like bed linen, curtains and throw rugs and wash in hot (minimum 120F) water.

Thoroughly vacuum all baseboards, mattress seams, furniture corners, and any cracks and crevices where bed bugs might hide. Look under the mattress and remove any bedbugs using a stiff wire brush.

Now turn on all the lights and inspect for any additional hiding places for these tiny, oval-shaped, reddish-brown bugs that are barely visible to the naked eye. Because bed bugs are capable of flattening their bodies, they can hide in even the smallest crack or crevice. Tell-tale signs that bed bugs are in residence include rust-looking stains on bed linen and mattresses.

Once the mattress and box spring have been completely vacuumed and brushed off, with no holes evident where bed bugs can remain hiding, you may want to invest in bedbug certified mattress and box spring covers to prevent future infestations.

You can also spray or dust your mattress and box spring with certain approved insecticides that are vacuumed up prior to sleeping on the mattress again. Just be sure that pets and children are completely barred from the bedroom while doing this procedure and wear gloves for protection.

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There are also liquid and aerosol bed bug insecticide products that can be applied to all furnishings in the bed bug infested room for killing bed bugs.

It’s important within 2 weeks of doing your first bed bug extermination that you repeat all washing, vacuuming and deep cleaning procedures, because bed bugs will retire and not come out again for two to three weeks.

Once your mission to kill your bed bug infestation has been deemed successful, be vigilant about bringing in any new or used furnishings into that area of your home without checking first for the presence of bed bugs.

How To Apply DE Dusting Powder

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But now days, there are a number of exterminators which offer environment friendly services to remove any infestation, including bed bugs. Many people are opting for such services as they are safe for both pets and kids in the house.

Combating Bed Bugs

A sweet odor from bedbugs‘ scent glands where bedbugs are found in large numbers. To get rid of bedbugs: Remove debris, such as wood and paper trash piles, where these bugs may hide. Wash, vacuum, or clean all furniture and bedding.

How To Protect Your Home From Bed Bugs

In addition, eradicating them is not easy at all and it needs a serious bug control effort to remove them. Travellers often bring bed bugs with them to a new home destination where they multiply rapidly and start troubling the residents.

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